Thursday, January 15, 2009

Predictions for a New World

Good Morning Friends,

I sure hope you are keeping warm these days. I know I am finding it increasingly difficult to get out of my fuzzy robe when it is below zero outdoors. You watch, I predict one of these days the medical profession will perfect a hibernation pill and people will be able to nap away the winter with no ill effects.

Is that wishful thinking? Maybe, but I am a writer and I can't help but notice that writers are always thinking up nifty - but impossible - stuff that comes true in 20 or 40 or a hundred years. They call it Science Fiction, but I have the idea something else is at work. I think some writers develop a future sense that allows them to tell others what to expect a few years down the line.

Following that theory, I would like to throw out a few predictions:

In 10 years, people will be vaccinated for the disease of depression, saving thousands of lives and dollars every year.
In 20 years, science will 'discover' that people make themselves sick and that drugs do not fix disease.
In 30 years, people with middle and upper level incomes throughout their lives will have to prove real need in order to collect Social Security benefits.
In 40 years, wars will be waged on computers, with losers required to do community service.
In 50 years, all transportation will use alternate fuels and the use of petroleum products will be outlawed.

If you are still around after that, let me know how I did. Oh yes, and keep on the sunny side! Terry

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