Monday, January 4, 2010

Inspiration's Source

Hello All,

Well, the new year is here and it is time to put away all the glitter and glitz. I am going to miss it. I spent the morning with friends, taking down the tree at the Center for the Arts and gathering up the things I brought to display for the Wednesday Morning Artists' small works show.

We not only did the small works show, we decorated the big show window with an art-themed tree - one I do not have a photo of, so I have included one of my Faerie pictures. Being around the Wednesday Morning Artists is fun and challenging. Each year December rolls around and I find that I need to participate - even though the arty things I do are not really paintings.

Which doesn't matter all that much. I do make a lot of things that are artistic. That said, I still feel the need to paint for a show with paintings. So there were pencil drawings of small subjects, and a set of paintings for a child's room. I believe in faeries - they showed me the great leaves in my yard that became the background for my paintings of the woods dwellers that inhabit my yard. Heck, I started by spraying the background with the leaf patterns, and suddenly I knew what to paint. I just love to get in the zone.

That said, I would like to get back to my writing. My newest effort is a novel called Drama Queen Rules, a look at some of the difficult people we may meet in our lives - the ones we have to love anyway. I have been farming it out to friends to search for my commas and to give me a good idea of how the story will sell. People like it. I like it. If you know a good agent, let me know.


Terry L White -Author of the Chesapeake Heritage Series
"Travel Through Time With Terry"