Thursday, January 22, 2009

National Book Week

Good Morning Bloggers,

This week is National Book week. I think it is interesting that such an observance is placed in the dead of winter. Certainly, I am in favor of grabbing a good book and a favorite fuzzy blanket to spend an afternoon or evening deep in the adventure of a great book.

I was the eldest of eight children, and there was no money for college, so I went to work right out of high school. I had some adventures that make my own writing richer, and left more than one thing behind in my journey. One of the things I did manage to hold on to was a reading list a favorite teacher gave me in his English class. You have to know I looked for those books - classics - that gave me new ideas about the possibilities of life.

I even got the idea I might write a book or two!

Eventually, I managed to sidestep the toxic relationships in my life and journeyed to the local community college. I sold my kitchen table to pay the application fees, worked afternoon and evenings, and eventually graduated from both the community college and Skidmore College. I told everyone I wanted to be a writer and I worked at the craft, turning out several books while I went through the process of earning a degree. I even found time to read a few good books - and some that are representative of the spiritual underground of the time. Yep! I read Castenanza and Shirley McLaine; Ruth Montgomery and Richard Bach - authors who offered a new way to process information and to manifest the reality of my dreams.

Today I have several books in print and more pubished as ebooks. I write every day and I believe that one day my work will make a difference. Now that difference may affect only one person, and that is all right. I have walked in the footsteps of Poe and Dickens and Wittman and found the journey glorious.

I ask you, bloggers, to think about books when you are looking for entertainment, information or inspiration. Books - in paper or even electronic editions contain the path to freedom and greatness. I am blessed to be part of the endless army of writers who put down their thoughts and made the world a better place to be.

Think about it, and keep on the sunny side! Terry

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