Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chesapeake Legacy

Chesapeake Legacy Arrives!

Friday morning I had a knock on the door and the very first ever copy of Chesapeake Legacy was delivered into my hands. I think the only other experience in my life that came anywhere near the excitement I felt was the day I delivered my son. A book is a big piece of work, one that takes months to mature. You can't imagine the emotion I experience when the first of any volume comes to hand.

I had a busy day planned Friday, but you can be sure I sat down and ran my hands over the cover, admiring Dawn M. Tarr's cover art. Then, I couldn't help but take time to read a few pages. I don't know if a non-writer can understand, but the day the first copy of one's book arrives is a very special time.

The work is pretty much finished, although my publisher admonished me to take time to read the copy very carefully for errors. You cannot imagine how much different one's words appear; first on the computer screen, in the print-out, and finally in a bound copy. I have an idea there are error gremlins that wait until the final copy. It brings home the notion that nothing is ever perfect, but I truly understand why Native Americans always left a hole in a weaving or a mistake in their art - a place to let the bad spirits out. I won't justify my grammatical errors by saying I left them in on purpose, but I do believe I cannot create perfection - only the Creator can do that.

Still, the moment I hold the first copy of any of my books in my hands, I will tell you honestly that I feel my baby is perfect. It is always a sunny day. Terry

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