Monday, May 30, 2011

In Memory

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, which evokes many memories from my childhood when all the men were soldiers and every life was a picnic. It is funny, most of those old soldiers are gone, but their memory lingers.

The other day I took some of my handmade dolls downtown to place in Hunt Insurance's office window along with art by a number of members of the Wednesday Morning Artists. The group meets each Wednesday (naturally!) to discuss the arts and to find ways to celebrate the talents we have been given. The window display turned out to be really beautiful and if you haven't seen it yet, I urge you to stop by next time you visit downtown Cambridge. Jim Duffy and the Main Street Committee are really making a wonderful change for Cambridge!

As such, I always try to celebrate on the holiday, and today I am not only flying the flag over my porch, I also have my brother's service flag, earned with 20 years of service in the US Navy in that flag case that makes a place to display my patriotic doll. (I sent him an email as he lives in Rapid City!)

I hope everyone who reads this takes a moment to think of the soldiers who have helped keep America safe. We salute you!

PS: Have a great day, a great picnic and keep on the sunny side! Terry


I learned to love holidays
From my father
Who loved a party
For any small reason.

The Fourth of July
Is special to me,
Maybe because I love
Our beautiful flag.

Red, white, and blue
Raise my heartbeat
When I see a house
Decked out for the day.

I know who sewed
That first banner,
We have a cherished
Legend ready-made!

But who told Betsy
Where to place the
Stars and stripes?
Was it George? Or…

Did someone else
Stop at her door to
Order a flag so able
To tell our humble history?

I like to think God
Had a hand in the
Design of red and white,
The field of blue.

If you have a flag
It should fly today,
But even more
On the third, or the fifth!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Earthshake and Rain

I am watching the weather patterns across the states, and while it is plain that thousands of people are in harm's way as the water rises, this is nothing new. Johnny Cash sang about floods in the 60s, and Noah had him a real time with rising waters long before people could read and write American.

My heart goes out to the displaced families, to those who lost pets and household goods, and lawnmowers and such. No one should have to endure such losses. It has to be heartbreaking.

And yet, as I watch, I am reminded that the stuff we own owns us; that the cars and boats and fancy electronics have little to do with the real life we live - and wonder if these catastrophes don't hold a lesson for us all. Maybe it is time to sit down and think about how we can do with less - instead of more and better clothing, cars and cell phones.

Nearly every house on my street has a porch - an extension of one's living room meant for relaxation and social interaction with the neighbors up and down the street. Today, thanks to the media, a congregation of people on a porch is more likely to signal something illegal underfoot.

I have lived in my home for over seven years and my neighbors barely speak although they are often out there walking the dog and tinkering with their vehicles at the curb. They don't speak - even when I do.

Maybe we need the cleansing waters to come and adjust out thinking about what is valuable and what is not? It is something to think about.

In the meantime, it is supposed to rain this weekend, so I hope you find a way to keep on the sunny side! Love, Terry

Earthshake and Rain

There was an earthshake the other day
And that brought on a grief reaction
That reflected our puzzlement and anger
That the planet should do us that way.
We all know perfectly well that
When buildings fall, it is not the fault
Of the sand on which we build ….
Or the men who draw the plans.
But wait!
The fault is the fault!
That fissure deep in the ground
That moves and turns so
Things go out of plumb and
Building blocks fall like rain.
And then the rain falls three states away
Flooding the flatlands,
Washing away houses and frogs,
Carrying new topsoil to cover
The croplands and meadows
Where the grasses grew for time out of mind
And we try to say that a flood is wrong
When all of this is normal
All day long.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Do Me a Favor?

As many of you know, I have published 18 books and have a few more projects underway. Writing has been my calling and I have spent more than 40 years with pencil and yellow legal pads, portable typewriter, early computer and a succession of tech-y wonders during my lengthy career.

I need to make it clear I never would have wandered down this path if there were no other choice. I was made to write, and I have done my best to stay true to that call. It wasn't always easy.

What, you may ask, has this to do with those who read my novels and poetry? A lot - perhaps.

Today I am writing to ask that if you have read one of my books that you go to or Kindle (in the case of my e-books) and post a review. It is easy and doesn't cost anything.

As you may know, the last five novels on my list: Chesapeake Harvest, Chesapeake Destiny, Chesapeake Legacy, Chesapeake Visions and Vienna Pride were all novels, but based on the history of the Eastern Shore and Dorchester County. I've done my best to show how people lived - their struggles and joys, their heartaches and hopes, and how they got through the hard times.

If you liked one of my books, please consider posting a review. Thank you, and keep on the sunny side! Terry L. White