Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Freezing Rain

Good Tuesday Morning,

I can't think of a single weather condition I like less than freezing rain. It absolutely strikes terror into my heart to have to go outdoor when winter throws its worse at me.

Winter is bad enough. I tend to be cold in winter and wear so many clothes I can hardly waddle. Don't laugh. I was meant to live in the sun - or hibernate. Come to think of it, why isn't hibernation a viable option for human beings? Just think. We could all put our thermostats down to fifty degrees and sleep away January and February (and maybe March in the colder states). Imagine the energy savings.

I have an idea the emerging human race took a page from nature and did not venture outside during the winter months. Sure, they bulked up in the autumn, but they emerged from their snug little caves as svelt as a Parisian mannequin.

I don't care for the slipperyness of ice underfoot. Like every individual over the age of 10 or so, I fear a fall and the subsequent helplessness a broken limb would entail. Let me settle in for that long winter's nap and I will be happy.

As it stands, I am going to have to cope with the winter God gives us and maybe write something interesting for my constant readers. Wish me luck.

See you in the spring, and keep on the sunny side if you really must go outside!

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