Monday, January 26, 2009

Bluebird of Happiness?

Good Monday Morning!

Every time I hear a commotion outside my kitchen window, I have only to look outside to see my favorite bluebird - the common jay!

Some people say they don't like jays because they are so loud and pushy, shoving other birds away from their feeders. Well, from what I understand, it is not such a virtuous thing to feed birds unless one takes pleasure in watching them feed because they come to depend on the un-natural supply of food. My privit hedge, more than 50 years old, provides loads of food for my feathered friends, and there is always a lot of activity there in the winter.

The jay was considered to be the messenger to the Native Americans, a bird that warned of approaching danger. They are also clowns, doing birdy acrobatics as they play among the branches.

I love to see a blue jay, they are truly one of the most colorful and beautiful birds in God's rainbow. The jay's feathers reflect the beautiful blue of the sky and his raucus voice reminds us to communicate. They drop their jewel-like feathers for me to find and treasure. I can't think of a better omen for my day than to see a jay first thing in the morning.

Perhaps this would not be a popular choice among bird lovers who favor the more elusive bluebird, but bluebirds are not terrible social creatures, preferring instead to live in hollow trees at the edges of fields and forests. One can spot a bluebird and consider oneself blessed, but the humbler jay doesn't mind crowds. For me, they are my own personal blue bird of happiness.

A Native American person might say jays are one of my totems. What a nice thought. I like the idea of having a chatty, handsome bird for a totem since words are my business. Think about it and keep on the sunny side! Terry

Terry L White -Author of the Chesapeake Heritage Series
"Travel Through Time With Terry"

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