Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Word in Hand

Good Day,

I am trying the old writer's trick of getting up each morning and actually writing something. To all intents, my aim is to add a few more words to the last of four novels set here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but some days I don't do a heck of a lot more done than to answer my emails.

Do you recall a time without emails? I do, sort of. I got on the Internet while I was still writing for the local newspaper. I got up early each morning to write the news. It was always an adventure - one that required a deal of artistic ability when nothing much was happening. Nothing much required making calls to various individuals in the community to see what was shaking - were the eagles hatching at the refuge; had the city rejected liquor licenses for the new restaurant on Main Street; what new requirements had been added to the building code; and which local cheerleaders were headed for the nationals? I won some awards for my excellence in community journalism, so the proof was in the putting.

A word in hand is worth two at the water cooler.

I had a tough time working on novels after a day without news, but I always kept an ear out for stories, let them perculate, and dredged them up one day later in life when I had time to really write.

Today, I try to do my blogs - this one and where I post blog stops for award-winning author and publicist Nikki Leigh first thing in the morning. Then, I try, and don't always succeed in adding a few words to the book.

I am not sure a series is a good idea. Four books is a lot, but I believe I will prevail and one day look back at the finished project as a study in discipline.

At any rate, if you are a writer, keep going no matter what else might come first. You and your readers will be glad you did. Terry

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