Saturday, March 21, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog

Good Saturday Morning,

The thing is, we all want to be loved and blogging is a good way to put our philosophy out there. For myself, blogging makes it feel like I am doing something about my writing career.

As you may recall, I spent a number of years as a newspaperwoman, a time in my life when I had my finger on the pulse of the community - and the community had my number. It was a rare day when I did not get a call to come out and take a photo of an individual or group who wanted publicity for his, her or their big thing. I guess you could call me a midwife for the news.

Now that I am retired, it seems to be a bit harder to come up with even one article a day - when I used to turn out two or three or even more stories every weekday morning.

I have, however, vowed to work on my writing every single day, which leaves me with a great dilemma. Should I blog first - or write another word, page or chapter in the latest novel?

There is, I have learned, only so much energy available for any one task in a day. I can add to the book, or write something clever on my blog and hope someone reads it. I am interested, you know, in who might read these blogs, but in six months I have only had a couple of comments, so I am not at all sure what happens to my faithful commentary.

Back in the day, a friend reminded me that no matter how dramatic the news, the reader wrapped dead fish guts in them the next day. Keeps you humble.

Well, I guess I will go to my day job and write a few more words on the fourth and final volume in the Chesapeake Heritage series. I hope you can access your bliss via a blog, a story, or a cheesecake - it doesn't matter as long as you do it and keep on the sunny side. Terry

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