Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh, Snow

Hello Bloggers,

Well, the weatherman didn't lie. There were a flurry or two last night when I went to bed and this morning we have the cliche 'winter wonderland.' I do not like this, Sam I Am.

Of course, children adore a day off from school and I don't begrudge them their snow day. In fact, I think it is pretty neat. There aren't too many hills here on the Eastern Shore, but today will see the city's kids playing over at the courthouse on what is optimistically called Snow Hill. Children have played on that lawn for years, sliding down the gentle slopes there. We make the most of what we have.

My tall yew hedge is bent nearly to the ground with the weight of the wet snow, and I can see at least one broken branch from my kitchen window. I hope one branch is all I lose. My back yard is fairly secluded thanks to this very tall hedge and I would hate to lose the privacy.

This is, I understand, winter's last gasp and I am tickled right to death. I love the sunny days of spring and I imagine there are lots of other folks on the Eastern Seaboard looking for the sunny side. Have a good one! Terry

Terry L White -Author of the Chesapeake Heritage Series
"Travel Through Time With Terry"

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