Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Last Priestess

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Today I want to tell you about my Bride of the Condor e-book series. Set in the ancient Andes, long before colonization, this is the story of a woman who was selected to serve in the house of the Moon Goddess. Unfortunately, Qwana is the last priestess selected because the population has been swayed to the worship of Sun God, a vengeful diety that demands blood sacrifices.

I never seem to have a great deal of choice when one of these stories find me, and The Last Priestess was no exception. Before I knew it, I had written more than 150,000 words about Qwana and her flight to safety. (That is three normal books!)

It is a quirky story. Qwana finds a baby in the wilderness. She meets a man from another planet on the Nazca Plain. She and her companions survive a climb into the highest Andes peaks before they discover a pocket of civilization where the residents still believe in the Goddess. She keeps on keeping on.

It is a strange experience to write books like The Last Priestess, Nazca Star and Bride of the Condor. I found part of me wanted to stay in that other time and place, and the part left behind sat down and took dictation. Laugh if you will. . .

And keep on the sunny side, Terry

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