Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sneak Preview: Chesapeake Destiny

Hello Bloggers,

Today's art is Dawn Tarr's newest painting for the cover of my novel Chesapeake Destiny. The third in a series of historicals following the women in one family who lived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland during Maryland's formative times.

I love history, and this series offered an opportunity to illuminate the hard work and struggle it took to turn the marshy wetlands of the Delmarva Peninsula into an agricultural paradise. I give full credit to our founding fathers, but don't think our founding mothers get half enough attention for their roles in the formation of the American mosaic.

Each of my heroines copes with a specific probem - the sorts of problems we all have experienced in our lives. These women survive and prevail, just like the women in the novels I read when I was a kid growing up in the Appalachain Mountains of Pennsylvania. If Scarlett and Amber could do it, so could I!

Dawn Tarr, a wonderful artist from Snow Hill, Maryland is painting the covers for this series and it amazes me how well she grasps my ideas and brings them to life. It has been wonderful working with Dawn, who is struggling to keep her head above water in this depressed economy. Kudos, Dawn! You are the best.

I will be sending the book and cover art to my publisher by the end of the week and she tells me it will be in print by autumn of this year. Now, if I can finish the fourth book, the series will be complete. I hope you take time to read the novels and come back to me with your comments. In the meantime, keep on the sunny side! Terry

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