Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009

Good Monday Morning,

I was just thinking about my first experience with e-books. I had been writing for years, and while I believed I had whatever it might take to be a writer of note, for the most part all I had amassed was a large stack of rejection letters. I had to think a while when a friend suggested I try e-publishing, but eventually I did decide to try the new path to immortality the vendue offered.

One of the first novels I submitted for e-publication was Ancient Memories, a tale of reincarnation beginning in Egypt and wending its way through the ages to present time. I truly believe we get to come back and are able to work out karma from previous lives so writing a novel about soul mates seemed like a great idea.

So I did it.

Ancient Memories was an ebook for a while and then it went on to be paper published. I was absolutely thrilled when I held the first copy of Ancient Memories! Writing a book is one thing. Seeing your book as a manuscript is something else. Seeing, however, one's book in print is one of the true thrills of a lifetime. I had all the hope in the world when I opened that book with my name on the cover!

I believed that the world would notice me at that day and time. Want to know something? I still believe it. Someone is going to notice my work. It just has to happen. All I have to do is to keep writing and keep believing.

Right now, I am glad my first book was e-published and I have that same deep well of hope that my work will eventually be noticed. So. I have made my blog for the day and maybe someone will read it. In the meantime, I am in the middle of writing a novel. number 16 or 17, I have lost track. The thing, I am told, is to just do it.

On that note, I will wish you a great day and remind you to keep on the sunny side. Cheers! Terry

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Terry L White -Author of the Chesapeake Heritage Series
"Travel Through Time With Terry"

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