Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coffee Anyone?

Coffee is big business these days, with all the fast food joints coming out with their own versions of sweetened coffees piled high with whipped somethingorother, sprinkles and a bezillion calories.

I will admit I am the first one to accept a cup of coffee when offered, I started drinking the stuff when I was a little kid. What a treat it was when grandma mixed a little coffee with a lot of warm milk and a spoonful of sugar. I loved the taste of the brew then and still do today.

Did the coffee keep us awake? I can't remember. I can't remember a lot of stuff these days, but I still like the smell of coffee brewing and the rich taste of a warm mug full of coffee with cream. I never got in the sugar part of the deal, which is good since I ended up with diabetes.

Unlike a lot of people, I do not have to have hot coffee. Coffee is good at any temperature. I expect that stems back to my waitress days when I grabbed a sip as I raced between the kitchen and the customers.

I started my day as a newspaper reporter at 6 a.m. writing for a 9 a.m. deadline. Many times I had been up the night before until 9 or 10 p.m. or later covering municipal and school board meetings. People relied on the paper to give them the scoop on what public officials were doing and the paper I worked for had the news on the street before any of the others on time. I am sure I could not have done that without the help of coffee.

Today I have nearly weaned myself off caffeine, which is supposed to be hard on one's body, but I still adore a good cup of brewed decaf coffee. You can't tell the difference - honestly.

Coffee is part of a writer's life. I can't imagine existence without it, hot, warm, cold or iced. Wouldn't you like some right now? Terry

Terry L White -Author of the Chesapeake Heritage Series
"Travel Through Time With Terry"

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