Sunday, February 15, 2009

Celebrity? Who Me?

Hello Faithful Followers,

Last night I attended the Visionary Valentine bash at the new Main Street Gallery. I expected the usual opening night with the usual art by the usual artists, but was I ever wrong. The visionary valentine art was donated by a number of artists I know and envy, their work is wonderful. I was sure I couldn't compete, so I donated a piece I created for the event and called it good.

I was greeted with the news that my Queen of Tarts doll was the Grand Prize in the night's raffle series! There she was in all her tacky glory, bathed in light on a pedestal in the very middle of the room full of beautiful paintings, sculpture and basketry. Wow! Someone noticed my work! I was over the moon to say the least.

I struggle with art, or rather, art has its way with me. I can't draw all that well, and while I am fascinated by watercolors, I am not the sort of person who can contain her work in the four sides of a frame because the paint keeps running off the edges. My art reflects life through words and luxurious fabrics and beads. I like to make quirky jewelry and dolls, and I love to write because books can hold entire worlds.

My dolls have been on display here and there in town, but they never caused much fuss before now, so when my little queen was singled out, you know I was excited. I still don't know what to say, except to thank the committee and take a bow.

The queen was awarded to her new owner at the end of the evening, and for a moment I forgot I was too warm in my unaccustomed jacket and pumps, I forgot there were too many people for my taste, and I forgot I hate having my picture taken. I stood beside the architect who won the doll and smiled for what seemed like a lot of cameras! People said I done good.

So that is what the fuss is all about with the big stars of the silver screen. If one does something special, one is noticed. I get it. I am not sure I want more of it, but what fun it was to experience celebrity at least once in my life. I knew I could do it.

Today, I start a new doll and work on editing the next book. Life is good. I just hope none of those photos get out - someone might recognize me. I like the sunny side for a little while, but I have work to do. See you in the newspapers! Terry

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