Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Writer's Home

Good Day,

Today I thought of myself as a writer and looked for some clip art that might illustrate how I feel about the craft.

Becoming a writer must have started when I was a child, because I can remember a day when the newspapers on he back seat of the family car became an object of interest. I clearly recall a day when I sat on the floor during one of my father's endless journeys and stared at the black squiggles on the paper. Suddenly, I saw the word 'familiar' very clearly. I can't remember what that news story was all about or if the word I saw was really there, but from that time on I could read and words were the most important thing in my universe.

Perhaps I was born to be a writer. It certainly seems to have been my calling in life and I have done a lot of it. My house is full of words and books and I like it that way, although it is not always comfortable for others.

It has been said that writing is a solitary occupation, and I suppose that is true. It s difficult to concentrate on another person when one is writing. Writing a story can take you out of the mundane world of diry floors and the necessity to cook dinner. This is not to say I have not washed the floors and boiled the beans - far from it. I just did those things in a trance, anxious to get back to the story being spun out in my head.

As such, I would like to apologize to the characters in my life who have come away still hungry from my table. I cannot change my nature any more than they could choose theirs. And so, I say, blessings upon you fellow travelers. I hope your story is engaging and full of wonderful adventures. Stay happy and keep on the sunny side. Terry

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