Friday, February 13, 2009

Feng What?

Howdy Bloggers,

About a year ago a friend of mine took exception with the chaos in my home and proceeded to improve the feng shui of my living space.

I will admit that I have a lot of stuff. I am a writer, so I have lots of paper and pens and old manuscripts and computer discs that won't run on any of today's computers. That was one thing.

I make dolls, and they are very fancy so I have tons of fabric, stuffing, permanent markers and yarn (to make wigs) for the edgy mermaids and other characters my fingers produce. That was two things.

I am a musician, or have been in at least one of my personal incarnations, so there are a couple of guitars, a piano, a violin, a bass fiddle and a couple of shelves of music I can't read. That is three things.

I make beaded things like necklaces, earrings, lanyards for badges, sea glass pendants and all manner of other whimsies and whimmidoodles. That is four.

I also cook, and while I turn out pretty plain products, I have a full complement of new and vintage cookwear vieing for space in a kitchen with seven windows, three doors and hardly any cupboards. That is another thing.

I love movies, and have shelves and shelves of the same in vcr and dvd formats. That is some more things.

Did I mention books on every surface? Things.

I belong to the Wednesday Morning Artists, and I am trying to be an artist and have stuff like brushes, paints and pencils - not to mention more papers - hanging around the place. Things.

Well, my friend urged me to de-clutter and I believe that helped the look of my house. Then she made some suggestions of where to put what so as to manage the energy of my home better. She may have waved a magic wand.

All I know is things are neater and I seem to prosper in spite of myself. I believe I believe in feng shui. How about you?


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