Saturday, November 1, 2008

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Good Morning!

I woke up this morning thinking about the new book I am writing in the Chesapeake series. Book one is about Mary Charles, a convicted felon who finds herself transported to the Maryland Colony as an indentured servant. I loved writing the book and then one thing led to another and so far I have written three books spanning over 100 years in the colony that eventually became a state.

The series embraces the women in one family, the servant, the Nanticoke wife and the abused spouse. Each of these womens hold to faith and continue with their lives until their dreams become reality.

Right now I am working on a fourth book, which takes place during and after the American Civil War. The heroine is blind and it is a real challenge for me to portray this wonderful woman from the first person perspective, which only allows me to report what Jewel knows.

Just wondering if I am on the right track -- comments welcome!

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