Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Student Again

Good Thurday Morning!

It is raining again, a good thing. The last couple of summers have been awfully dry, so I believe it is a good thing - although I find the gray days long - especially now we have entered daylight savings time. I always thought people should have the option to hibernate, but our society says to keep working, working, working. Well, why not? Lots of good things are happening!

If you are following my blog, you will see a new gadget this morning. My friend Nikki Leigh, award winning author, publicist, and blog host, helped me to add the interview I did with her about my latest print novel Chesapeake Harvest. The novel is a historical and embraces the life of Mary Charles, an indentured servant on the Eastern Shore of Maryland during the earliest days of the colony. I loved writing the book and love the cover done by Snow Hill artist Dawn M. Tarr.

Yesterday my Nikki asked me to be a roving reporter to help publicize her blog tours. Blog tours help authors meet readers and get publicity for their books. I not only get to learn as I go, I also have the benefit of publicity for my own books. I will be doing a weekly (and maybe more) column on her authors blog. Check it out at That said, it looks like I need to go learn my new job so there is actually a post onthat address! Please bookmark the site if you would like to learn more about my work, Nikki Leigh and her books, and virtual blog tours.
Have a good one! Terry

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