Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tell Them Your Dream

Good Thursday Morning,
A few years ago a friend gave me the concept of Shameless Self Promotion. I didn't do much with promotion for years, but since I retired I feel challenged to do something with the dozen or more books I have written and published over the years. I made it a point to tell people about my dream.
I am a technophobe. I was scared of computers from the very beginning, but having typed my first novel eleven times, I was drawn to working on a computer simply because it was so easy to correct errors in my copy. It took a while, but eventually I learned word processing. Life, being what it is, immediately catapulted me into a spell as a newspaper reporter for a small town daily. Deadline was 9 a.m., so I had to rise early and be in the office at 6 a.m. to report all the big doin's the night before. I vaguely remember when the day's stories were sent by modem to the mother company - but wasn't doing the posting. I had no idea the Internet could rock my world!
Eventually, one friend got me online to use ebay and another set me up on a social network where I met people from all points on the globe. Naturally, I mentioned I am a writer and told them my dream, I even sent books to Australia, India, Japan and a number of other places I never dreamed I would visit. As a result of the encouragement this garnered, I grew shameless about publicizing my work.
Today I will ask anyone, anywhere to notice my work. Often, it works and people and busineses give me space for a blurb, a story, or an interview. Yesterday Delmarva Youth offered me space to post a synopsis and a cover photo for Chesapeake Harvest for their magazine. Yowzee! The computer makes it easy. Success makes it fun.
I told publicist Nikki Leigh about my work and the associated dream and she gave me the opportunity to post a daily blog at Remind me to tell you some time about some of the other nifty things that happened in my world when I got brave enough to tell someone about my dream.
There are angels out there and miracles can happen when you tell them your dream!
Keep on the sunny side, Terry

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