Monday, November 24, 2008

Flying South - Or Not?

Good Monday Morning,
Today's photo comes from Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, a great place to spend a quiet afternoon watching Mother Nature at work. If you will notice, there are a couple of geese in the photo.
I would like to say they are flying South, but to tell the truth, the refuge is so well managed and so many crops are left standing that the darned birds just make Blackwater a stop on the Atlantic Flyway and never bother to leave.
I flew (read drove) South once, and I can't say I liked it all that well. I got real homesick and nothing worked out, no matter what I tried. The worst part was I almost lost my song. Now I am like one of those 'resident' geese that stop by for a late supper and never leave.
I will say the Delmarva Peninsula has been a good place for me. I have a great old house that needs perpetual work and a good network of friends. I even have the time and a place to write.
Cambridge is a great place. The people are wonderful; both the natives, who live close to the land, and the come-here's who arrive from a variety of places far grander than this little Eastern Shore town. But they stay, and in staying, make up a rich tapestry of souls who have a great deal to contribute to the community and to each other.
The neat thing about Cambridge and Dorchester County is that there is a party nearly every weekend of the year. Some are humble, like the firehouse breakfasts and dinners where you can have all you can eat of everything from pancakes to muskrats. Cambridge celebrates the tall ships with a Schooner Festival in late October and honors athletes with an Eagle Man qualifier triathlon in June. There is an amnesty day when you can put out your junk to be hauled away free by the city and neighborhood-wide yard sales. Cambridge celebrates the Bay culture, veterans, and senior citizens.
No wonder we never leave! That said, I hope you find a good place on this earth and stay on the sunny side. Terry

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