Monday, November 3, 2008

Ancient Memories

Good Monday Morning!

I was surfing around yesterday and I found one of my books on a British site. Ancient Memories was listed with five stars and I was excited to think that my work is wandering around the globe with not a great deal of effort from me -- although I know my publisher at is responsible for any success I may ever find in the writing business.

Ancient Memories was the first one of my novels to be in print and I love the story -- which is really several stories about twin souls who find each other through life after life. I always felt reincarnation is the real meaning of everlasting life and I truly believe this is the soul's path for each of us -- especially as many of these friendly souls have shown up in my life during good and difficult times.

At any rate, I felt compelled to write this tale and I hope that my readers find comfort in the thought that we get to come back and work through the disappointments and mistakes from other lifetimes.


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