Friday, November 20, 2009

I found this image on the net and saved it some time ago. When I looked at it today I got the feeling that the world may really be run by a frog who sits on the North Pole and rules with a steady hand.

Frogs understand transformation. They are born fishes, and after a while their tails are absorbed by their little fishy bodies and they turn into frogs. Frogs look wise, you know it? Those big eyes look to me as if they see everything that is going on. They have big, capable hands, hands that can handle any emergency.

The trouble with frogs these days is that we have messed up their world. No, I am not a tree hugger, but I would hate to think that the world is going down because people think they have to have everything they see.

My heritage is an odd mix of country girl and twenty-first century princess. I must be a pricess. I have more clothing than I need. I have a nice house in a pretty good neighborhood. I have all the food I need, and more books than I can read. I don't have a car, but I pretty much have all the transportation I need. I have my health, even though I have some chronic conditions that need to be monitored.

What I don't have is a frog - or a toad, which might be more to the point. When I grew up, every garden had toads. As kids, we picked them up. Mine always wet on me, but that didn't prevent me from enjoying the cool, dry heft of a big old toad in my hand.

As a princess, I look out for frogs. My television tells me there are hundreds of varieties of frogs, and I am glad. I hope we can save them all. And I hope I run across a frog soon. I always wanted to try kissing one just to see if it could turn into a handsome prince.

I know. Some days I am just a little bit teched.


Terry L White -Author of the Chesapeake Heritage Series
"Travel Through Time With Terry"

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