Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beach Glass Jewels

Whenever I meet someone new they seem to be astounded by the number of things I do.

Ok. I write. I make dolls. I fashion jewelry out of various materials - this year's focus is on beach glass.

Beach (or sea) glass is hard to find. Some beaches seem to have lots of glass scattered along the shoreline along with shells, seaweed, and a few other, less savory, articles. Flotsam and jetsam? Perhaps.

All I know is that beach glass looks like gemstones to me. It comes in a variety of colors: brown, amber, white, green (pale and dark), and lavender. The pale purples are more rare, possibly because the glass contained lead, which turned purple under the light of the sun. I pretty much think the lavender color is safe, unless one were to lick it - but we are not talking about jewelry for the under-five set here.

I love the random shapes of beach glass, which is the product of someone's garbage that has been rolled in the surf by the constant motion of the water until the surface is smooth and frosted, silky to the touch.

Latelly, I have been experimenting with wire and beads, working pieces of beach glass into pendents that can be worn on a cord or chain. I displayed the resulting jewelry on a driftwood 'tree', which seemed appropriate.

The Main Street Gallery on Muir Street in Cambridge will feature a display of my beach glass pendents starting Saturday. I hope to be there Saturday evening, and I hope my friends will be there as well.

Oh yes, if you can't look up, take a walk on the beach and look down - you may find a beach glass jewel of your own.


Terry L White -Author of the Chesapeake Heritage Series
"Travel Through Time With Terry"

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