Monday, December 15, 2008

Mail Early or ?

Merry Christmas Bloggers,
The talk shows are saying today is the last day to mail your packages and cards for the 2008 holiday season. I am sure that is great advice, especially with all the wild weather in the western part of the country.
I don't send as many cards as I used to. I guess I just lost the taste for it as I struggled to make a living as an artist in a material world. I do, however use my email freely and keep track of friends and such through frequent exchanges there.
Last week I mailed a package to Arizona and the clerk asked if I wanted any one-cent stamps. Seems postage is going to go up again in the new year. I guess the powers that be decided the raise based on the towering gas prices we experience last summer. Now that gas costs have plummeted, I wonder if the managers of the postal service will look at the phenomena and decide the postal raise doesn't have to happen anyway.
A long time ago I visited an old woman who was supposed to be a psychic. Maybe she was. I know she gave me some wise advice. Included in the reading was the suggestion that I learn to use my own psychic powers to connect with those of people I love. Today, I think of someone and the phone rings. Maybe it is starting to work.
Keep on the sunny side.

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