Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dislexia Anyone?

Good Thursday Morning,
My photo of the day is an image of a doll I made with a good friend. She sculpted the head, hands and feet, and I figured out what the rest of him looked like. Wierd little guy, eh?
For me, this odd little mannikin is the spitting image of what goes wrong in my brain when I say or write one thing and it comes out looking like something else entirely. This often happens when I am announcing a meeting date, which requires me to eat crow and send a lot more emails than is truly necessary.
So, here we are sneaking up on the Christmas holiday. In addition to mobilizing a gift drive for the clients at a local medical adult day care center, I also wrangle mature women for a monthly birthday celebration. Two or three times a year I manage to send out the wrong date and have to re-send the email a time or two more before I get it all straight and get everyone to the correct restaurant where we celebrate one or more of the members. Some of us live alone, so this is our big thing. Some months there is no birthday to celebrate, but we have a party anyway. It is one outing a month, and if one lives alone, it can mean a lot.
But that wierd little poppet is always sticking his sweet little nose in the mix. Right now, I have to get out of here. I managed to distribute the wrong date for the last time this year. If anyone wants the job, let me know. I am too busy keeping on the sunny side to check the date.
Happy Holidays, Terry

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