Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Waltz, The Beat Goes On

The new year has started in a good way for me! I am happy to introduce First Waltz, the sixth in my series of historical novels focused on the women of the Eastern Shore.

First Waltz is based on the true story of a young soldier who was ordered to serve in Cambridge to guard the German prisoners of war who spent the balance of the second world war in a field where the Little League games are now played.

Henry Snyder falls in love with nursing student Susie Snyder at their first meeting at a church dance. Susie, who wasn't supposed to attend the dance, vows she wants nothing to do with the handsome lumberjack from upstate New York, but Henry is persistent and won't give up his suit. When the war ends, Henry returns to his mountain home, but he can't get the lovely Susie off his mind - nothing will do but that he return to Cambridge to claim his bride.

But how will Susie fare in the lonely, snowbound mountains when Henry goes off to work in the lumber camp? How will the couple face the winds of change during the 1950s as they nurture their growing family?

First Waltz is a love story that reminds us it takes two to make a successful marriage and life.

When the time came to choose a cover for this book, I went through some old photos and chose a portrait of my parents during the latter part of the 1940s. I think they would be pleased.

And I hope you enjoy the book and always walk on the sunny side. Terry

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