Thursday, May 6, 2010

Guess Who Came to the Gallery

Those folks who live in Cambridge might want to stop at the Main Street Gallery to see the collection of figure studies for the May/June show. My favorite is Debbie Hayne's painting of Janis Joplin.

I have thought about Janis a lot since we were born on the same day - along with Dolly Parton. It isn't possible, but I sure would like to sing with the two of them. How odd it seems that we should all be singers - yes, I sang country and bluegrass back in the day.

Do people born on the same day share similar characteristics? I would like to think so, although there are elements of Janis's and even Dolly's lives I would not want to have to live. I have an idea fame is difficult. Always being on has to be frightening. Always being ready to sing is another thing I never quite managed.

Maybe it was the Christian thing - or having a child at 21. You forge obligations, and as far as I know neither Janis or Dolly had a child. I worked in an adult day care center with the elderly, and I enjoyed that. I wonder if my two astrological sisters got to do that.

My calling was writing, and I have spent my whole life chasing that dream. If you look at, you will find more than a dozen of my books. I never received the fame Dolly or Janis did, but there is still time. Maybe someday I will be just as famous as Janis and Dolly. If so, I hope I manage to live through it and hold up as well as Dolly during my golden years. So far, I have had an incredible journey.

I hope you have too, and that you walk on the sunny side. Terry

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