Friday, April 16, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

How do you tell when it is spring? I'll be darned if I know because I am usually trapped indoors as far away from the pollen as I can get. I realize that plants have to reproduce, but there seems as if there could be a way that wasn't so hard on the human population. I have had problems with pollen for years, in its worst manifestation, I end up with a killer headache. Other times I feel as if someone beat me with a baseball bat. Apparently my body plans to show its displeasure with the vegetative air pollution any way it can. Mostly, I just live with it and try not to be too cranky.

Pollen aside, I think spring is the very best season. I love to watch the way the world changes minute by minute as the various species of trees and flowers produce bloom after bloom. The lilacs are out right now. I wish there was one where I had permission to clip a blossom so I could breathe its perfume while I slept. You can't beat the perfume of lilacs.

The back yard was carpeted with violets last week and I ventured to mow part of the lawn yesterday. I hate to decapitate these lovely blooms. My yard seems to love the violets, of which there are light purple and purple and white strains. I think it would be a sin to mow the grass before the violets start to fade, don't you?

Spring means the neighbors are preparing to sit on their porches, and while I have no family in the areas, there are at least four cats who stop to pass the time of day. I don't feed them. I would sure hate to be accused of cat-napping.

I don't mind putting away the warm clothing, although it is not yet time for summer garb. At least spring brings a change. I get tired of long underwear after a while, don't you?

Spring is a season we must take seriously, because it can slip by without our notice if we are not careful. I feel blessed every time I walk down my street and notice how beautiful the world is because today it is surely spring..

Keep on the sunny side! Terry

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