Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Green Show

This month the Main Street Gallery in Cambridge is honoring the environment with a 'green show'. This exciting display features upcycled and recycled materials in projects that span the green spectrum.

Green paintings take center stage. Jewelry made of nails is selling like hotcakes and a wonderfully glittery mermaid presides over a unique selection of art done by talented artists with the environment in mind.

My 'Material Girl' (above) is made of newsprint, house paint, broken jewelry and some pot scrubbers from under the sink. I liked the project because it used a lot of leftovers from my crafts stash. My fond hope is that someone will take her home, because I can't quite think where she would fit in my collection! As if...

I do hope that the show, which is open Wednesday through Saturday, will make people think. So much of what we 'consume' here in America constitutes waste - materials that could well be recycled into something beautiful and useful.

It is, after all, what art is all about.

Keep on the sunny side, Spring is here! Terry

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