Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who's Watching the Store?

Earlier this week out lovsl TV station ran a story about the United States Postal Service saying that it has reached a $15 billion debt ceiling and that if it cannot come up with a $5 billion payment soon, the United States Postal Service will close its doors this winter.


I am sorry, but who is watching the store? We have an appointed Postmaster General who supposedly watches over the business and has a great deal of freedom in supervising that operation. Or am I wrong? I did a little research.

Supposedly the Postmaster General is appointed by the president to make sure the postal service operates in an appropriate fashion. This person is an employee of the nation with a $263,575 annual paycheck enhanced by another $135,041 in benefits as of the year 2009. No doubt there has been a COLA or two since then, but my question is ‘what do the taxpayers get for all their money? More debt?

Is that right? Think about it.

When I was a little girl trying to sell boxed greeting cards to my neighbors many of the older prospects said that the price of stamps was going up from two to three cents and they couldn’t afford to buy the cards. The price of stamps has gone up every couple of years since then, and while service at the local Post Office (which underwent costly and extensive renovations this past year!) has always been good, one wonders how so much debt has piled up.

Who’s watching the store? And why haven’t the bills been paid all along?

Seeing the state of the nation, which is also deeply in debt, one wonders where accountability has strayed. One wonders how administrators can allow a business to continue to borrow with such ridiculous limits. Who is watching the store?

There are millions of poor folks out here who can’t make house and car payments, who have no insurance or pension plans because there has never been any extra money to save for the future, let alone survive the present. It would seem to me that the government could take a page from the poor individual’s guidebook: cut back, do without, pay your bills.

Demand accountability.

And walk on the sunny side. Love, Terry

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