Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Would You Read This Book?

Last summer when my publisher was sick, I took a leap of faith and self-published a novel called Drama Queen Rules. Next week I hope to enter it in a "breakthrough novel" competition sponsored by and Penguin Books. Do me a favor?

Read the following pitch and tell me if you would read Drama Queen Rules.

Thanks a million!


Her mother says Lainey Cook will never amount to a hill of beans. Her sister Emma Grace, who contentedly lives on welfare, says Lainey isn’t smart enough to change her life. Boyfriend Skip Boyer doesn’t say much of anything at all. He has no ambition at all that doesn’t involve fast cars and cold beer.

Readers know Lainey Cook. She is the gal from the trailer park on the edge of town – but not necessarily the wrong side of the tracks. She’s smart, savvy and willing to work hard at whatever life throws at her – even the grabby guys at the bowling alley where she works as a waitress to pay the rent. She may have to walk to work in a howling blizzard, and bury her mother on Christmas Day. She may have to hitchhike all the way home to upstate New York from Alabama. She may even have to work at the bowling alley a while longer, but she won’t give up her dream of a better life that will allow her to help others despite the drama queens who predict her failure at every turn.

Drama Queen Rules is a story about hope and dreams that come true – but not without struggle and faith. It is a story about the variety and vagaries of love – and what it takes to change one’s stars. Lainey Cook’s courageous struggle will make you wake your partner up in the small hours of the night because you are laughing so loudly – and cry for happiness when she achieves her goal. She’s your home girl, your baby sister and most of all the girl you’d love to be.

Thanks again - and keep on the sunny side! Terry

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