Friday, December 4, 2009

A Small-Town Gala

Last night I went to a gala to benefit the local medical adult day care center. What is that, you ask?

Medical adult day care is a program for people with chronic health problems who require daily medical supervision. Clients are picked up in a distinctive blue bus and are treated to two meals and a snack, activities, social interaction and medical support, and while some folks have long term care insurance to help pay for their care, others may not.

Which does not mean that those individuals who don't have the means to pay for their care are denied entrance in the program.

The Festival of Wreaths is a major fund-raiser for the medical adult day care center, earning thousands of dollars for patient services. The event, paired with a Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours, is so well attended one can barely make his or her way down the halls in the center - halls that are decorated with dozens and dozens of gorgeous handmade wreaths that have been donated to the program. Visitors receive a pencil and a ballot for the "People's Choice' award, and can place bids on the wreath they want via a silent auction.

In the center's great room, a live auction draws great interest, garnering even more funding to keep the program going. The photo I posted today is of a window sash painting executed by my favorite group - the Wednesday Morning Artists. Sixteen artists painted portions of the painting of a compote full of fruit; the result a vibrant painting that glows behind the ancient window sash donated by the program's director.

On a sweet note, the director's husband bid cheerfully for the painting, and surprised his wife with the birthday present she had admired from the day it was delivered at the center.

The Wednesday Morning Artists were gratified to see that the painting sold for a healthy price and were glad to know the money it earned will go to help others less fortunate. I am happy to say I helped.

It was a wonderful night and a grand gala. I am always delighted to see people helping people and I hope to share in this gala for many years to come.


Terry L White -Author of the Chesapeake Heritage Series
"Travel Through Time With Terry"

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